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Stiegl Metal Sign-Small

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Item Number: Stiegl Metal Sign-Small

The Stieglbrauerei is the largest private brewery and the second largest brewing company in Austria. Although Stiegl uses the latest brewing technology, the history of the brewery goes back to the famous year 1492. The name “Stiegl” itself means "steps" because the brewery was founded as the “Breyhaus bei den Stiegen” - "Brewery by the steps" leading to the fortress at the top of the hill right in the center of Salzburg – the city where Mozart was born and which today is also well known as a scenery for the movie “Sound of music”.

When you look at the bottom of the Stiegl Pilsner glasses you will see the laser etching of the famous "steps" that have come to symbolize Stiegl Brewery.

Step Up to Stiegl…. A Truly World Classic Beer!

Additional Information:
Click here to learn more about Stieglbrauerei!

Stiegl Bier Metal Bar Sign

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