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Spaten Glass Drinking Boot - 2 Liter Das Boot

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Item Number: Spaten 2 L Glass Drinking Boot

The Spaten 2 Liter glass drinking boot gives new meaning to the phrase "Pass the Boot" where groups would each take a turn sipping the beer from the decorative glass boot.  Remember as you get to the bottom - Toe down!


Spaten Glass Drinking Boot - A great way to give him the boot this holiday!
The tradition of passing the boot dates back to the Prussian war with a general promising to drink from his boot if the troops won the battle.  When they indeed won the battle, the general did not want to taste his smelly feet.  So, he had a glass blower fashion a boot for him to toast his troops.  Always remember toe down. Prost.

One of Germany's most successful breweries, Spaten is deeply rooted in Munich's venerable beer-brewing tradition, yet it remains modern and dynamic. In 1516 Duke Wilhelm IV of Bavaria issued the so-called 'Purity Law', decreeing that from then on beer was only allowed to be brewed from malt, hops and water.

Since then, Spaten has brewed its beers in strict adherence to the Purity Law - quality you can taste.

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Spaten Drinking Boot