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Podkovan .5 Liter Hand Glass

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Item Number: Podkocan .5 L

Podkovan Glass

The Podkovan Brewery is the second-oldest brewery in the Czech Republic. It lies in a protected natural region named Kokorin Valley, a region of sandstone and pines that is forever guarded the twin-peaked Bezdez Mountain. Production of Podkovan beer dates to 1434, when local monks brewed the lager to ensure they would have only the best beer for themselves. 

“Podkovan” is not only the name of the town and brewery in the Czech Republic, but it is also literally translated as “under the horse”. In everyday use, the word “Podkovan” is more commonly known to also mean horseshoe. The upside down horseshoe forms the centerpiece to the original Podkovan Brewery logo.

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Podkovan Beer Glass

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