Lu Yiyi
April 21, 2022  

The Program of Social Work is affiliated to the College of Humanities and Social Sciences of Yunnan Agricultural University. It was established in 2001 with the approval of the Ministry of Education. Up to now, there have been 13 undergraduate graduates of this major, and more than 600 social work graduates have been trained for the society, mainly distributed in civil affairs departments, education departments, urban and rural communities, non-governmental organizations and other enterprises and public institutions. The professional quality and ability of the graduates have been recognized by employers.

Since the inception of the program, the faculty has been constantly promoting teaching reform, improving talent training programs, building effective teaching practice bases, and carrying out international cooperation. As a result, the faculty has been constantly growing, and the specialty characteristics and advantages have gradually formed and developed. After 17 years of development, the program has developed the teaching staff and basic teaching conditions for training social work professionals. At present, there are 14 teachers majoring in social work in social work, sociology, ethnology, anthropology and psychology, among whom 4 have doctor's degrees and 9 have master's degrees. The teachers are mainly young and middle-aged teachers, including 3 professors, 3 associate professors and 8 lecturers. Social work teachers have undertaken many national social science fund projects, Ministry of Education projects and provincial social science projects, and have rich experience in social work personnel training. The major has a laboratory for social work, developed a sound professional practice teaching management system, and formed a professional practice teaching system based on professional practice, graduation practice, short-term teaching practice, summer professional practice, etc. At present, it has signed 12 practice teaching bases and 12 other cooperative units (to be signed). It has built a daily professional practice base mainly in Kunming and a winter and summer vacation professional practice base based on five prefectures such as Wenshan, Zhaotong and Nujiang. Relying on the educational resources and experience accumulated in the long-term process of running a school, and combining the advantages of agricultural research and rural development research of our university, this major condenses the development direction of rural community work and youth social work. The direction of rural community work focuses on helping rural difficult groups and rural community development. At present, the major has carried out a number of community services for rural left-behind children and migrant children in suburban rural communities of Kunming city, Wenshan City and Maguan County of Wenshan Prefecture, Lushui City of Nujiang Prefecture and other places, and gradually formed a service model for rural left-behind children and migrant children. The direction of youth social work focuses on the use of practical teaching resources formed by running schools for many years, and promotes the healthy growth of teenagers by integrating social forces and comprehensively using case work, group work and community correction.

I. National standard code of Social work: 030302

Second, professional training objectives

This major aims to cultivate students with social work values, solid basic theories and knowledge of social work, and skilled practical skills of social work. In civil affairs department, the grass-roots party and government organs, schools and other institutions, non-governmental organizations and enterprises engaged in social security, social administration, social policy research, community service, community development and management, project management of social work, social protection of the rights and interests of vulnerable groups, such as social work, practice ability and innovation spirit, to meet the needs of social development of talents for social work.

3. Main Courses

Introduction to Social Work, Introduction to Sociology, Social Psychology, Case Work, Group Work, Community Work, Social Administration, Human Behavior and social Environment, Introduction to Social Policy, Introduction to Social Security.

Iv. Length of schooling

The length of schooling is four years, and the length of schooling is 3-6 years.

5. Conferment of degrees

Bachelor of Laws degree.

6. Employment direction

As of 2019, the employment of students majoring in social work in the past 13 years mainly focuses on administrative departments (civil servants), schools, urban and rural communities, non-governmental organizations and enterprises. The main positions they are engaged in include civil servants, teachers, community workers, professional social workers and enterprise management, while a small number of students choose to start their own businesses, including setting up social organizations and enterprises. With the rapid development of China's economy and society, professional social work has more and more space to play its role, and professional employment prospects are promising.