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Grolsch Wooden Collector Crate-Limited Quantity

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Item Number: Grolsch Crate
Collector Grolsch Lager Wooden Crate that once was used to package the Grolsch beer.  The top is hinged and two rope handles for the sides. The light wooden box has terrific detail with pictures on all sides that look like they have been burned into the wood.  

The top of the crate reads, "Grolsch Lager Beer, Imported from Holland". The front has a picture of early settlers bringing crates to American Indians with a ship in the background. One side has a picture of two sailing ships with the word, "Shipped" above them, and the other side has a picture of a Coat of Arms with two lions surrounding it, and the words, "Je Maintiendrai" underneath. The crates are in good condition however, they may have scuffs and/or stains from the years.

Limited quantity, so they won't last.

Additional Information:
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