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Beck's Stainless Steel Stein - 20oz

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Item Number: Beck's Stainless Steel Stein
New from Beck's - the Stainless Steel Stein - perfect to keep your beer cold. 

It all began on June 27, 1873 when Luder Rutenberg (A Bremen master builder), Heinrich Beck (A master brewer), and Thomas May (a businessman) came together to establish the Kaiserbrauerei Beck & May, in Bremen, Germany.  Located in the upper northwest corner of Germany on the river Weser, Bremen was once a busy trading port and has a rich history of brewing beer.  Early Bremen brewers are credited with creating a recipe—dating back nearly 1,000 years—for a heavy barley beer that withstand long sea journeys. 

This classic German Pilsner carries a distinctive full-bodied taste, with a fresh “hoppy” bouquet, golden color and a rich full head.  The taste doesn’t end there.  With a slightly fruity but firm crispness, this exciting blend of intriguing flavors ends with a clean, dry finish.

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Beck's Stainless Steel Stein