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Tuborg Brewery Tulip Glass

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Item Number: Tuborg Glass
Denmark's Tuborg Beer Glass - .33cl

Tuborgs Fabrikker (later Tuborg Bryggerier) was founded in Hellerup in 1873 by Carl Frederik Tietgen, a leading industrialist of the time. Tuborg beer was first brewed as a pale lager in 1875, and in 1880 Tuborg Green was born and became instantly popular with the Danes, becoming Denmark's best selling beer.
Unlike their competitors who distributed their beer in wooden kegs, Tuborg Green began to sell its beer in bottles from 1888, following its consolidation with Kastrup Glasværks in 1881, which was a particularly smart move. The Tuborg name itself comes from Thuesborg or Thues castle, which was the name of an inn situated in the area of the brewery.
In 1894, Tuborgs Fabrikker merged with United Breweries, which would eventually be bought by Carlsberg in 1970. The last Tuborg Green was brewed in Hellerup in1996 but now Tuborg is brewed, distributed and enjoyed in more than 70 countries and is known the world over as a premium beer, strongly associated with the spirit of socializing and enjoying life to the fullest.
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Tuborg Beer Glass