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Einbecker Dunkel Glass - Black Beer .3L Glass

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Item Number: Einbecker Black Beer .3L

Einbecker Schwartz Dunkel Beer Glass also known as Black Beer. The palate of this beer is reminiscent of bitter chocolate, dry toffee and coffee.  Can be compared to English companions - stouts and porters.
The oldest still existing document to prove sale of Einbecker beer dates back to April 23, 1378. During the 14th and 15th centuries every citizen in the town of Einbeck had the right to brew beer and by 1616 there were 742 citizens that owned brew houses (aka. brauherren), and the first bock-style beer in the world was brewed in the town of Einbeck. 

In 1749 the town of Einbeck combined all the brewing rights and the Einbecker brauhaus was created. In 1851 the beer was bottled for the first time. The bottles ever since had the same unique shape significant of all Einbecker beers.
Additional Information:
Einbecker Dunkel Glass

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