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Brugse Zot Glass from the Brewery Halve Mann

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Item Number: Brugse Zot Glass

Brugse Zot glass from the Brewery Halve Mann

"Brugse Zot" is a flemish pharse which translates to "Brugse Fool".  The name dates back centuries, as the people of Bruges have been known to their Flemish neighbors, as “Bruges Fools”. 
The name originated when Emperor Maximilian of Austria was staying in Bruges at the end of the  end of the 15th century to watch the famous yearly Holy Blood Procession. He was approached by the citizens of Bruges to sponsor the creation of a ‘fools house’, an institution for mental illness. The emperor responded’ “Just close the city gates. Bruges is one big fools’ house!” He was referring to the procession in which the burghers of Bruges were seen dancing, jumping and fooling around.  Thus...Brugse Zot.
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Brugse Zot Glass
Brugse Zot GlassBrugse Zot Glass